Programs from the CACP Project

Please read the licence agreements before using the software.
ZDC 1.83 Installation (33MB), a ZDC Constraints Solving system (Source (34MB))
New from November 2004, to run on Windows 2000/XP.
(If you want a CD, please contact us)
ZDC was developed for the CACP Project. It is a system for non-experts to solve constraint satisfaction and optimisation problems.
ZDC provides an interface for defining constants, variables, domains and constraints and optimization criterion. ZDC_Direct provides an interface for inputing programs in the EaCL 1.5 language.
For sample problems, click <here>
Older versions are no longer supported (due to updates by Microsoft in C++ Microsoft Foundation Class):
ZDC 1.7 (2,139K)
ZDC Direct 1.7 (1,724K) Requires: Windows 95/98/NT.
(For those interested, see development log for ZDC) (1,280K)
A program to solve the 8-Queens.
To give users a glimpse of constraint satisfaction and solving.
Requires: Windows 95/98/NT. (15K)
This package contains Prolog programs for generating random timetabling in the EaCL language, which can be loaded into ZDC-Direct to solve;
  • randomtt.plg -- to generate random timetabling problems
  • make_tt.plg -- to generate timetabling problems in EaCL code
  • Requires: Windows 95/98/NT/2000
    (updated 2002.05.10).

    New: (24K)
    This package contains Prolog programs for solving Rostering Problems:
    A Prolog program is provided to translate rostering requirements to constraint satisfaction problem, expressed in EaCL language, which can be loaded into ZDC-Direct to solve;
  • requirement.plg -- specification of the rostering problem
  • req_to_eacl.plg -- to generate from requirement.plg constraint satisfaction problems in EaCL code
  • Developed in: SWI Prolog 4.0.11 and Windows XP
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