Research Excellence Prize

for Research Deliverables
Centre for Computational Finance and Economic Agents (CCFEA)

Four prizes will be awarded to research deliverables that demonstrate new ideas in computational finance and economics.

What will be awarded?

Each prize carries a cheque of £200. Prizes will be awarded to:

programs that demonstrate research ideas in CCFEA; and
journal papers that report CCFEA ideas


All students of CCFEA are qualified to apply. This applies to all taught (Master) and research (MSc, MPhil or PhD) students.
Each student is eligible to obtain no more than one prize on publication, and one prize on software development. All winning papers and software must be explicitly declare their CCFEA affiliation.

Time Schedule:

There is no restriction on when the work was done. There is no deadlines for submission. Prizes will be given to the first four (and only four) successful submissions. Therefore, students are encouraged to submit as soon as spoosible.

How to apply?

Applications must be recommended by a CCFEA member of staff. This would typically be the student's supervisor. If the submission is a program, the program must run on the web. If the submission is a paper, it must have been submitted to a journal, and received the first round of reviews. Unpublished papers must be filed as a Technical Report in CCFEA.


Submissions will be assessed by the CCFEA Director in consultation with members of staff. If the submission is a program, the student will be asked to demonstrate it. If the submission is a paper, then a prize will be given to any paper that is accepted by a respectable journal.


Please direct any queries to Edward Tsang, the CCFEA Director (Essex login: edward).
(Please note that he is very poor in managing and answering emails!)


Siti Nur Iqmal Ibrahim April 2013
Neil Rayner July 2013
Ao Han October 2013

References: this prize is a follow up of the David Norman Prize, which winners were:

Abdalla Kablan February 2011
Shaimaa Masry April 2011
Alexander Guarin Lopez May 2011
Mateusz Gatkowski June 2012

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