Trader Training

13-17 September 2010

The Centre for Computational Finance and Economic Agents (CCFEA), The Trader Training Company and The Institute for Market Technology (i4MT) have combined their expertise in high frequency finance and electronic trading to run a Trader Training camp* in September 2010 in the University of Essex Campus, Wivenhoe, Colchester, UK. The content and delivery of the program are unique to the financial markets industry with the programme specializing in delivering core skills and competencies that are required by proprietary traders and related financial markets front-office staff.

The objective of the program is to provide theoretical knowledge and practical understanding of financial markets, trading strategies and trader analytics at the highest level. The program offers a mix of classroom based instruction, case study and practical trading exercises where attendees will trade on real-time simulated global markets through the use of industry strength proprietary trading software.

Attendees will be taken through a rigorous program of theoretical and practical education in financial markets and trading which could lead directly to immediate placement as a full-time trainee trader with City trading companies who are associated with this program. Those attendees who pass the trader training modules, successfully complete the course will be awarded the i4MT ( Electronic Trading certificate.

In addition to the course material, attendees’ trading style and performance will be monitored and measured using Trader Psychometrics analysis which will form part of each attendee’s Trader Profile.

The program offers:

2010 Programme Format and Pricing

Boot Camp Programme

Module 1: TBC 001 Inter-market Relationships and Market Analysis
Module 2: TBC 002 Trading Cash Equivalents: CFDs, Futures and options
Module 3: TBC 003 Trading Bonds, FX and Money Market Products
Module 4: TBC 004 Intra-Day Money Management and Risk Management
Module 5: TBC 005 Enhanced Technical Analysis
Module 6: TBC 006 Cross-market Proprietary Trading Strategies
Module 7: TBC 007 Special Situations and Enhanced Spread Trading

Full 1-Week Program: Trader Training (7 Modules i4MT Certificate)

Venue: Lab 3, CSEE, University of Essex, Colchester
Time: 9.30am-4.30pm
CCFEA Students: £695 + VAT @17.5%
Non-CCFEA: £995 + VAT @17.5%
Taught by: David Norman


Attendees will receive: Trader Profile/ Test Results from Trader Training Company and the full i4MT Electronic Trading Certificate.

Booking and Course Registration

There are only 20 available places on the trader boot camp so contact us early for booking and course information.

Programme Syllabus and Daily Agenda
Programme Document

To register interest in joining this course, email to David Norman (The Trader Training Company) and copy to Lynda Triolo (CCFEA)

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Tel: +44 (0) 120 6264 096, Company Number, 06610527, VAT Registration Number, 937967654

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