ImageWWW for Web pages generation

ImageWWW is a program (written in Prolog) for generating html files. I use it for sharing photos efficiently. You are welcome to download the program and use it. All comments are suggestions are welcome. Unfortunately, I cannot provide any technical support (at least not before I retire) due to time constraints.

This program is written for my own use. The Manual is effectively my own notes, so I am sure it is unclear to others. The layout specification language may not be to everybody's taste. I can't see how this program could cause any damages (unless you design it to do so). I take no responsibilities to any consequences.

This is how it works:

  1. I assume that you have downloaded imagewww.plg and put it in directory K. I also assume that you run Prolog. There are many free versions of Prolog.
  2. Put all the images that you want to publish in a subdirectory under K. Let's call this subdirectory S.
  3. In directory K, prepare a layout specification file, in which you specify the layout of the photos. Name this file S.plg (other names would do)
  4. Run ImageWWW under directory K. If you issue the query:
    then ImageWWW will read in the specification file S.plg, and output a file called "index.html" under the directory S
  5. Now you can upload your directory S to a web server, or compress and send it others.

The layout is specified in a simple language. Syntax of the language can be found below. It is easiest to learn it from examples. Following are some examples (unfortunately, I didn't keep the layout specification files for all of them):

Downloads: ImageWWW 1.7 (ImageWWW, User Manual, Developer's Log and a sample layout specification program.)

Edward Tsang 2015.05.21

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