Useful Links in Constraints Research

Constraint Products / Companies

Global Optimum Limited (software development for businesses efficiency).
Enginest Software -- Natural Constraint Language (NCL).
JDA / i2 (Supply Chain Management).
LINE (collective transportation, logistics).
MPL (Optimisation Modelling tool).
Actenum Corporation (Bill Havens, Morten Irgens, Vancouver)

Research Material

Constraints Archive
Inter-disciplinary Scheduling Network, UK
Michael Trick's Operations Research Page. a huge collection of pointers for OR.
Estimation of Distribution Algorithms (EDA), Professor Pedro Larranaga's group at University of the Basque Country, Spain
The Reactive Search Website / LIONsolver (online book)

Research Centres

Cork Constraint Computation Centre, (4C)
Professor Hao's Constraint & Combinatorial Optimization Group.
Java Constraint Kit
Constraint Handling Rules (CHR) by Thom Fruehwirth.
FRODO, a simulation platform for distributed constraint satisfaction/optimization problems by Adrian Petcu, AI Lab, EPFL, Switzerland

Constraint Satisfaction Homepage at BRACIL

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