Workshop, Seminar and Reception at Bank of Mexico, 18 October 2012

Workshop, Seminar and Reception at Bank of Mexico
17-18 October 2012

It is rare to see such a high concentration of experts in simulation in finance and economics in one event. For that reason, it is worth creating this collage to record this event. I have only taken few photos. I hope others can contribute more photos to this web site.

Thanks to Bank of Mexico for hosting this event.

Note: The collage was generated by Microsoft AutoCollage 2008 based on photos that Edward Tsang has collected. If anyone wants to have his/her photo removed, or add photos to this page, please contact Edward Tsang. (In this software, I have no control over how to cut and where to put which photo. Please see my review here if you are interested in the technology behind Microsoft AutoCollage.)

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