Members, Interdisciplinary Research in
Economic Wind-tunnels for Testing Markets, Policies and Strategies

Researchers include members of:
Bounded Rationality Advancement in Computational Intelligence Laboratory (BRACIL)
Centre for Computational Finance and Economic Agents (CCFEA)
Centre for Computational Finance (CCI)
British Telecom
external consultants


Professor Edward Tsang (Department of Computer Science)
Professor Chris Voudouris (BT Lab Manager, Visiting Professor in Computer Science and City Associate at CCFEA)
Dr Qingfu Zhang (Department of Computing and Electronic Systems)
Wudong Liu (PhD student with BT Sponsorship)
Yossi Borenstein (BT Sponsored Senior Research Officer)
Dr Nazaraf Shah (BT Sponsored Senior Research Officer)
Abdullah Al-Sheddy (PhD student)

Affiliated Members:

Tim Gosling (ex-PhD student with BT Sponsorship) - Agents, Supply Chain
Biliana Alexandrova (ex-PhD student) - Card-payment market
Serafin Martinez (ex-PhD student) - Artificial market
Nanlin Jin (ex-PhD student) - Bargaining
Dr Maria Fasli (Department of Computer Science) - Agents, Auction
Dr Sheri Markose (Department of Economics) - Agents, Economics
Professor Abhinay Muthoo (Department of Economics) - Bargaining

External Collaboration:

Dr Botond Virginas (BT)
Dr Raphael Dorne (BT)
Dr Gilbert Owusu (BT)
Dr Andreas Krause (School of Management, University of Bath) - Card-payment market

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