Lynda Triolo
Early Retirement Farewell Party
25 March 2014

Lynda joined CCFEA in November 2003, following recommendation by Professor Michael Sherer, to whom I'm grateful. It is clear to me that CCFEA would not have achieved so much without Lynda. Following are messages from staff who can't be here today:

Richard Olsen
Visiting Professor
Thank you for all the work that you have done for me, but more important for all the students and CCFEA. You were the heart of the small group and with your enthusiasm you made all the difference.

Dietmar Maringer
Ex-CCFEA staff
Dear Lynda, Early retirement? That's not possible! This is too early retirement! With great fondness I think back to our times in CCFEA. Already on my first day, it was clear to me how dedicated and hard working you are. Already on that day, it was also clear how supportive and caring, how generous and warm-hearted you are. I am sure you will be deeply missed by everybody in CCFEA and the uni. You've certainly been missed by me after I left. Hope we can stay in touch!

Lynda fits into CCFEA's "can-do" mentality. With a limited budget, Lynda managed to do quite a lot for our students.

To many students, studying at CCFEA is an important part in their lives. Lynda has made CCFEA a home to our students away from home. Many students are grateful to Lynda and still keep in touch with her. Ex-PhD students and now CCFEA Visiting Fellows Evi Pliota (HSBC) and Rafael Velasco-Fuentes (Citibank) come specially to this party. Here are some of the messages sent by our students:

Serafin Martinez Jaramillo
PhD 2007 Mexican Central Bank
Dear Lynda, It was a great pleasure to meet you during our stay at Essex, our whole family have received so many good and great things from CCFEA and specially from you. I am very happy to say that some people from CCFEA are the clear proof that the human being is generous and we have been very lucky for being able to share the space-time with you.

Bruce Uponi
MSc 2011-12
Dear Lynda, You are the only mum CCFEA has got. It's sad that CCFEA will be "motherless" when you leave. I remember how your kind assistance made me settle with ease in CCFEA on my very first week of arrival, and the homely feeling your responses gave to my questions. I wish you all the very best in your future endeavours. God bless you!

Lynda has brought us many happy memories. She has organized many parties to introduce English culture to foreign students (Christmas, Easter, afternoon tea). She brought us to Bank of England (and brought some students into St Paul's Cathedral), HSBC (with a boat trip in London). She has organized conferences, including WEHIA 2005 (which Mandelbrot attended) and CCFEA's 10th Anniversary Workshop.

CCFEA moved into CSEE in 2009. Through Lynda, some CSEE colleagues might have discovered the secret behind CCFEA's success. Lynda made CCFEA a family! 80% of CCFEA students turn up to some of our parties a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h...; some students even organized parties1,2 for us!

Our jobs are often demanding and wearing. Luckily, Lynda is *proficient* and *efficient*. Most students and staff are pleasant and patient, but occasionally some can be inflexible, or even unreasonable. Lynda serves them with *calm* and *charm*.

By taking an early retirement -- allow me to emphasize the word *early* -- Lynda is investing her time in family and health -- very wise, as these are the best investments under the economic uncertainty which is ahead of us. Colleagues and students have been very lucky to have Lynda's service. I'm sure all of us will miss her. I am sorry to have to say goodbye to Lynda, but I'm very pleased for her. Lynda, I wish you a very happy *early* retirement!

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