The Administrator's Role
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The administrator's job is help organizing the modules to ensure usability and reusability. The administrator will attempt to standardize the module description (which are initially provided by contributors).

If modules can share common input and output formats, they can be used interchangeably, or compared and contrasted by other users with minimum effort. Therefore, the administrator will liaise with contributors to explore the possibility of sharing common input and output formats.

The Wikipedia style of administration will be adopted: the administrator will normally make suggestions. However, the administrator has the authority to remove modules if they are considered inappropriate for the repository. (For example, a module will be removed if its function does not agree with its specification, or if there are serious bugs.)

It is envisaged that thousands of modules will be produced in the future. The administrator's job is to maintain a registry for them. This registry must be machine readable. The administrator will define the format of the module description. [This is yet to be defined. XML is currently being considered.]

Maintained by: Edward Tsang; Last Updated: 2009.09.13