Submission Guide (Draft)
High-frequency Finance Research Platform

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Our Proposal:

We plan to build a research platform for a global information system of the economy and the financial markets. This platform is open to all; it also belongs to all. The hope is to collect programming modules to support experimental research in high-frequency finance. We would like to invite all researchers to submit their program modules. Wikipedia demonstrates the impact of collective intelligence. For the modules to be useful, submissions must conform to a common format. We hope this initiative will help the community to build up a rich repository of computational finance and economic modules.

Submission guideline:

The following Module Description should be provided: The module description should be program readable. [This is yet to be defined. XML is currently being considered.] It is envisaged that programs will be written to plough through thousands of module descriptions with the aim to pick out candidate modules to use in forming larger systems.

The Administrator rights:

The administrator reserves the right to remove modules which are inappropriate for the platform. For example, a module will be removed if its function does not agree with its specification, or if there are serious bugs.

Maintained by: Edward Tsang; Last Updated: 2009.09.16